Introducing Speck Pumps

Seeking reliable advice on how to keep your pool sparkling year round? Be sure to get in touch with the remarkable team at Speck Pumps. We are one of the oldest and most established swimming pool brands in South Africa, and also the rest  of the world. We have been providing reliable pool products and equipment to South Africans for many decades and have become known for quality and effectiveness, all at affordable rates. Our product range includes everything to keep your pool clean, such as filters, pumps, cleaner,s chlorinators, and added accessories.

At our company, we make sure to employ only the most efficient team members, that are willing to offer our clients unbeatable service around the clock. Our team is also highly knowledgeable and can offer advice on which products are best suited for your pool. Each of our products is issued with a warranty, from 12 to 60 months, which proves our promise to always provide the best quality products for our customers’ satisfaction.

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    Our products

    Speck Pumps supplies a variety of pool equipment and related products to keep your pool in a favourable condition. Some of our products include:

    • Counter stream units
    • Pool chlorination solutions
    • Cartridge combinations
    • Combination units
    • Pool filters
    • Pool lights (LED lights)
    • Pool cleaners
    • Pool pumps
    • Skimmers and weirs
    • Pool accessories (pool brushes, test kits, nets, thermometers, and more

    For the best advice in the pool industry, feel free to get in touch with any of our team members. Otherwise, visit our website to view our full range of trusted pool products.


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