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Maximising our patients’ hearing potential is our main concern at NB Hearing, because we think that hearing is important! We provide professional audiology services at our practices situated in across the Cape – in Durbanville, Noordhoek, Hout Bay, Wynberg and Sea Point. Natalie Buttress (M (Audiology) with distinction) heads our team of qualified and registered audiologists, each with a passion for audiology and making a difference in the lives of our patients. We operate independently, so we can work with a number of hearing aid manufacturers to develop a specific hearing solution for each patient’s requirements.

Seeking help for a hearing problem sooner rather than later is important and can prevent further damage to a patient’s ears. Our ears are responsible for feeding our brains with information and the loss of hearing may lead to functions of someone’s brain changing. Replacing lost sound can aid in the rehabilitation for listening to, and comprehending speech, even in groups.

As audiologists, our team is committed to continued development in the fields of hearing, tinnitus and hyperacusis. We make sure that we are aware of the latest advances in the industry by participating in audiologist workshops and various courses on hearing technology. Doing this is what enables us to deliver our hearing services and treatments to the best of our abilities.

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    Our services:

    At NB Hearing, we have an extensive range of audiology services on offer to ensure that we meet our patients’ needs. Services include:

    • Diagnosing hearing loss in calibrated sound conditions for accurate results.
    • Supply and fit of hearing aids (different makes & models).
    • Taking ear moulds to make personalised hearing protection, sleep-plugs, in-ear monitors, and swimplugs.
    • Identifying hearing problems via calibrated hearing screenings.
    • Counselling and sound management for Tinnitus or Hyperacusis.
    • School and industrial hearing screenings and provide baseline and diagnostic services.
    • Performing hearing aid cleaning and repairs (some on site) and services from all supporting hearing aid manufacturers and distributors.
    • Providing a supported 30-day hearing aid fitting with an ‘option to credit’ so that you can find your ideal product (Ts & Cs apply).
    • Home and hospital visits for patients unable to drive (within a range of areas).
    • Support for the duration of treating a hearing-related condition.
    • Providing treatment and suitable rehabilitation for all types of hearing impairments.
    • We supply hearing aid batteries, hearing accessories and assistive devices. (If not in stock, we can also order on patient’s behalf).


    Hearing allows us to learn and live a quality life; it connects us to others. If you suffer from the effects of hearing loss, like having difficulty to hear in noisy places, or you increase the volume of your TV without improvement, or maybe you feel that people mumble all the time, or you have a ‘ringing in your ears’,  it may be time to consult a professional. Please make an appointment for a  reliable hearing test and an assessment of your hearing needs.

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