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When it comes to finding a suitable, and trusted, service provider for your stationery needs, Waterfront Ink comes highly recommended. We will gladly take care of everything you need that is stationery related – for home, school, or office. To ensure quality, we have partnered up with some of the most acclaimed stationery brands, such as Pritt, Bostik, Staedtler and Penflex.

Apart from satisfying your stationery needs, we also supply trusted printing supplies, including ink cartridges and paper. Clients can choose from generic or authentic cartridges, from brands like Oki, Canon, Epson and Brother. We supply paper in various sizes, from A3 to A6. Our paper brands include Rotatrim and Smart Copy.

Managed by Janine der Kinderen, clients can expect almost immediate service and fast delivery. We understand that your stationery needs are crucial and we want to assist as quick as possible. This is why we also offer a free delivery service across the Western Cape.

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    Our products and services

    Our number one priority at Waterfront Ink, is to make sure that our clients have all the stationery they need.

    We supply:

    • Stationery: we will take care of all your stationery needs, for home, school and office.
    • Printing Paper: we only provide the best quality printing paper, from well known brands.
    • Printer Cartridges: we have both generic and authentic printer cartridges on offer.

    Best of all, we offer a free delivery service all across the Western Cape. So, you ring, and we bring you everything you need!

    For all your stationery needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, or visit our website for more detail.


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