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People today turn to search engines like Google to find what they are looking for. So, for your business to be an option for clients seeking products or services like yours, you need to appear in search results. Online SEO is here to not only help your business appear in search results, but to help your business appear at the top of search results! We are a passionate team, dedicated to helping our clients reach success through effective SEO and digital marketing tactics. Our services are suitable for companies small and large, in all kinds of industries.

We are another brand of the well-known digital marketing company, Cape Business Online, and we take SEO seriously.

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    What we offer

    The SEO services on offer from the team at Online SEO are professional and effective. Our team is passionate about all things related to Google and we have been providing dedicated and no-nonsense SEO services to clients in a diverse range of industries for many years. We have also witnessed some remarkable results due to effective SEO. There are 3 packages for clients to choose from, depending on their requirements and expectations.

    Packages we offer:

    • Option 1 – this package is focused on getting your business to the top of search results. 10 targeted keywords are included, but social media services are excluded. It is recommended for start-ups, SMME’s, and smaller companies.
    • Option 2 – a perfect option for small or medium sized companies looking to get ahead online via effective SEO. 15 keywords are included, as well as digital marketing services like social media support.
    • Option 3 – our most comprehensive package, including an unlimited number of keywords and a full range of digital marketing services. This is a very comprehensive option for companies of any size.

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