Introducing Koelenhof Winery

Koelenhof Winery is situated just outside of Stellenbosch and has been producing quality wines for decades. The estate was established in 1941, when Koelenhof was known as a bulk wine producer in the region. Nowadays, we press a minimum of 16 000 tons of grapes each year, allowing us to provide our valued clients with great tasting wines that are both accessible and affordable.

We have a few wine ranges available, depending on the type of wine you enjoy. Apart from our proudly South African wines, we also have a function venue and tasting room on our estate – allowing visitors to make the most of visiting our farm. We also offer contract wine services in order to assist aspiring winemakers in making a name for themselves.

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    What we offer

    The wines produced at Koelenhof are popular both locally and internationally. Our ranges include:

    • Koelenhof Wines
    • Simonsbosch Wines
    • Koelenbosch Wines

    We also have the following services and facilities on offer:

    • Wine tasting: we have a beautiful wine tasting venue on our estate, where visitors can enjoy and learn more about our wines in a relaxing environment.
    • Contract wine services: we offer aspiring wine makers the opportunity to make their own wines using our facilities. As part of this service, they can make use of our lab, storage and production facilities.
    • Venue hire: our location is the perfect setting for an intimate wedding. We have a cosy venue available for hire, where up to 200 guests can be seated comfortably.
    • Online shop: our easy to use online shop allows wine lovers to order some of our great tasting wines online, and have it delivered to their doors.
    • Picnics: to make the most of the beautiful scenery surrounding our estate, why not join us for a nice, romantic picnic in the winelands?

    To make sure that you do not miss out on a wonderful experience at Koelenhof, contact us for any queries or concerns, today!


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