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Gullwing Engineering is one of the most highly regarded engineering companies in the Cape Town region. We offer exceptional precision engineering services to a varied client base, including services such as the manufacturing of components and models. Our team has over three decades of experience in both general and precision engineering, and this has allowed us to gain valuable knowledge and expertise in the industry. Clients can expect an extremely high level of quality and professionalism from us in both services and products.

At the Gullwing Engineering workshop, we make use of highly advanced machinery, which allows us to manufacture components at a fast and efficient rate. WIth our extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to create any component that our clients require, no matter how complex the design! Our services include the manufacture of both small and large scale products. Before the Gullwing Engineering team proceeds with a large component order, we first create a prototype for the client, to ensure that they are satisfied with both the design and end result.

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    Our services

    Gullwing Engineering is able to produce a vast range of products through the use of the following cutting-edge machinery:

    • CNC and conventional milling machines
    • Powerful press machines (ranging from 5 to 105 tons)
    • CNC and conventional turning machines

    We design and create components for a variety of industries, including the mobile industry, the medical industry and many more.

    For more information on our comprehensive services and competitive rates, please feel free to visit our website or contact Gullwing Engineering directly – see what we can do for you!


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    Unit 5 Railway Park | Railway Road | Montague Gardens | Cape Town | 7441



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