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Funtasia Party Decor is one of Cape Town’s leading party decor item and accessory supply stores. We specialise is supplying a huge range of party and festive decor items and accessories. Our product range includes everything you may need , such as themed decor and accessories, regular decor and accessories, balloons, banners and much more! We also provide an array of items which cater for special events, such as hen parties and baby showers. Funtasia Party Decor clients can expect extremely high quality for very affordable rates, and our staff is known for being friendly, helpful and polite. Our team is able to provide clients with carefully considered advice on which party decor items will best suit their needs.

An added bonus of shopping with Funtasia Party Decor is that we have an easy-to-use online shop on our website, where clients can shop from the comfort of their own homes. We stock and sell both unisex and boy-or-girl-specific decor and accessories, as well as decor that is suitable for adult’s parties and children’s parties. We pride ourselves on being the one-stop-shop for all party decor, to make an event truly unforgettable!

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Our products

Funtasia Party Decor supplies the following superb quality, funky products:

  • Party supplies, decor and accessories for birthday parties, special events,  hen parties and various other special occasions.
  • Themed accessories, decor and supplies to suit a range of themes.
  • An online store and affordable delivery rates.

Are you looking for the perfect party decor? Then feel free to visit our website or call us directly for more information – we look forward to making your party an unforgettable affair!


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