Introducing EWC Medi Wellness Centre

EWC Medi Wellness Centre is a specialised health and beauty hub, offering a range of cutting-edge health, beauty and skin treatments from our Bellville clinic. We are immensely proud of our track record, and the fact that our treatments show visible results – we have changed the lives of countless people thus far! The treatments we offer provide alternative, scientific solutions to everyday skin, weight and health problems. EWC Medi Wellness Centre was established in 2005, and has since become known for our professional, friendly staff and outstanding quality treatments.

Our team comprises expertly qualified, highly experienced health care professionals. Each member is trained in the range of treatments we have available, and clients can expect nothing but the best service! At EWC Medi Wellness Centre, we do not only want to assist our clients in gaining their beauty and weight goals, but also in living a healthy, happy life by regaining their optimal health.

Our services

EWC Medi Wellness Centre offers treatments that target specific, frustrating problem areas. All of our treatments are comfortable and 100% safe, having been tested by medical professionals. All are guaranteed to show results, sometimes after only one session!

The treatments we provide are as follows:

  • Body: we offer a range of slimming and body contouring treatments, including Fat Freezing, Endermologie, Patricia Clarke Body Wraps, and more.
  • Skin: we offer aesthetic treatments, including collagen correction, skin tightening procedures and and various anti-ageing treatments.
  • Health: We assist clients in regaining their health with treatments like Ozone Steam Spa, Slender Wonder, and more.

For further information or for any queries, please feel free to browse our website or contact us directly. EWC Medi Wellness Centre looks forward to helping you reach your health and beauty goals!


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Closed : Sundays & Public Holidays

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